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catalogue. postage stamp clerk. commis des timbres-poste. precanceled postage stamp. préo, préoblitéré, timbre préoblitéré, timbre-poste préoblitéré.

Below are the lots I am offering for sale. They are discounted by 10% of catalog value. Shipping is $1.00 per lot. I am open to offers if buying more than one lot of stamps. Please mail me at [email protected] with questions and payment arrangements. Please bookmark this blog site as I will change these lots frequently.
PHILATELIC LITERATURE GOLD AWARD SPRING STAMPEX 2016. This multi-award winning catalogue 14th Edition is the standard reference work for specialist collectors of the popular ‘Four Kings’ period of British philately, from 1902 to 1952
Hoover Brothers' official precancel stamp catalog. menu_bookPhysical. Subjects A limited number of items are shown. Click to view More . Precancels -- Catalogs.
FRANCE, PRECANCEL STAMPS 1983, SEASONS IMPERFORATED MNH. $10.45. Almost gone. Belgium 1977-85 SG#2463, 1f50 Grey Ord. Paper MNH Pre Cancel #D48356. $1.29. Almost gone.
Dec 05, 2012 · Of the 259 stamps, according to the 6 th Edition of the Canadian Precancel Catalogue, ten are valued at $100, nine at $150 and thirty five at between $200 and $300. In addition, there are three rarities: Amherst at $3000, Chatham at $700 and Sydney at $3000.
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Precanceled Stamps. Precanceled stamps are special stamps that come in small denominations and are specifically for Presorted First-Class Mail and USPS Marketing Mail mailings.
Aug 25, 2010 · It is available from the Precancel Stamp Society. ... Stamps, Numismatics, Catalogues, ANYTHING! ↳ WANTED TO BUY by members - Stamps or FDC or Accessories etc.
Dec 15, 2020 · Precancels are postage stamps that have been canceled before being used on letters or packages. Typically they are stamps cancelled with two lines, and the city and state where they were mailed. I like them because of the many ways you can collect them, and the affordability of most of them. Above all, the best part of collecting precancels are the other great collectors you’ll meet along the way.
Aug 25, 2010 · It is available from the Precancel Stamp Society. ... Stamps, Numismatics, Catalogues, ANYTHING! ↳ WANTED TO BUY by members - Stamps or FDC or Accessories etc.
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  • Dec 28, 2020 · 2021 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers The catalog also includes listings for postal stationery, revenue stamps, hunting permit (duck) stamps, essays, trial color, die and plate proofs, Confederate States of America, U.S. possessions and territories, and United Nations stamps.
  • Higher value stamps have photos added of both front and back. Catalogue value: €1,500. Incomplete collection of typographic pre-cancelled stamps (preos) in album. Stamps in MNH and MH...
  • Precancels were a post office device for saving time and money. A sheet of 100 stamps could be precancelled in about the same time it took to cancel a single stamp on an envelope, a savings of 99 operations per 100 stamps!
  • United States 443 Used Precanceled Kansas City 2019 Scott Special CAT VAL $45.00 $140 .00 US Sc#445 single local vertical precancel used Washington DC cv$250.00
  • The G-C Town List of Post Offices PRECANCELS 1959 Priced Catalogue United States. ... LOT of 100 U.S. Precancel Stamps from Old Collection / Early US Stamp Lot. £4.56.

Their catalog attributes are as follows: 02 C. (1894 - Rouletted - Sc. In most cases, the playing cards US revenue stamps were precanceled with the name of the manufacturer.

Online Stamp Catalogue.Most of the other pairs have centering similar to the one offered here and two are precancelled. Census No. 423A-CAN-PR-03. With 1991 P.F. certificate. The Scott Catalogue states in a footnote to this issue, “Value for used is for a sound stamp in the grade of Fine-Very Fine.” Robert Siegel Auction Galleries, Dec 2010, Sale 1001, Lot 2006
Posts about precanceled stamps written by Fran Adams. Fossil is a small city in north-central Oregon, named by it’s first postmaster and mayor, Thomas Hoover, after he found fossils in the clay-like rock on his ranch. Stamp Catalogue ... Stamp Catalogue

Huge stamp catalogue with complete information about most collectible stamps. By Charles Snee Also this week, an informative exploration of websites and more devoted to precanceled stamps...

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Sep 29, 2020 · re: Belgium: precancel stamps . The official Belgian stamp catalogue (available in a Dutch and a French version) lists the typographed (i.e. printed) precancels. The earlier handcancels are not included but there is a specialised catalogue for the precancels. The handcncels are far more complex because many more cities / post offices made these.